Smarter construction control for your next project

Powerful Platform

Unified online platform used by all parties to request and disburse payments.
Monitor application and payment status in real time.
Convenient access from home, work, or on the go.

Built For Protection

Defend against fraud and avoid liens. Fully segregate draw accounts by scope. Collect lien releases upon disbursement. Legal documents timely served for maximum enforcement. Stringent accounting controls provide a clean and auditable paper trail.

Project Transparency

View lower tier activity, monitor payment progress, track percentages complete, view funding commitments and divisions of labor.

Paperless Workflows

Our electronic workflow eliminates the need for paper. ACH payments directly deposited to your bank account. Project documents securely uploaded, electronically signed, archived, and sorted for easy access.

What is Construction Control?

Construction control disburses funds to laborers, materialmen, suppliers, contractors, subs, architects, engineer or others, towards satisfying bills incurred in construction, repair, alteration or improvement of any premises.

Who Benefits?


  • Track how your customer is handling your financing and protecting your collateral.
  • Avoid liens on your collateral.


  • One mismanaged T.I. project exposes your entire property to litigation and foreclosure.
  • Lien waivers are collected from every party to protect your during and after construction

Owners & Tenants

  • Guard against potential liens and work stoppage arising from unforeseen overruns, payment delays, and contractor fraud.
  • Full project transparency. Know how much your general contractor is paying his subs.
  • Construction control provides more service at less cost than a bond.

General Contractors

  • Strengthen your bid. Construction controlled contractors inspire confidence in owners.
  • Ensure that committed funds are present to eliminate your risk of not being paid.

Subcontractors & Suppliers

  • Ensure that upper tiers do not short change you to pay other obligations.
  • Know exactly how much money is available to you at all times.
  • Direct payment to you shortens waiting time.

Our Clients