Construction Control

Participate Online

Three Lock Box™ is a fully automated construction control system. Enroll and manage your workstream, documents and payments from all online.

Submit Project Documents

Drop your plans, contracts, change orders and other documents into your own lockbox and have easy access to your own contract file.

Manage Changes

Submit change orders to your upper-tier contractors and track the progress of the documents as the change orders are reviewed.

Generate Pre-lien Notices, Waivers, and Releases

Three Lock Box™ will complete some of the paperwork for you. We will generate pre-lien notice forms with the statutory language and project information already filled in. We will also generate partial or full waivers and releases based upon payment applications approved and payments received.

Certify Percentages Complete

We connect you with an vetted inspector who will visit the site and provide you with the information you need to certify the percentage of work that has been done.

Enroll Lenders, Landlords, and Auditors

Other parties with a bona fide interest can be enrolled in the project with the permission of the project’s owner. These additional parties will participate on a “view only” basis, and can keep track of the project’s progress.

Full Compliance with NRS Chapter 108

Three Lock Box includes the statutory language you need in your liens and other forms. We strive to keep up-to-date with changes in the law and update our forms accordingly.

Application and Disbursement

Create Secure Lockboxes For Each Party

Each and every owner, contractor, subcontractor and supplier on a project will have its own online lockbox. The participants are invited into the project by an upper tier party. Each party has exclusive control over what goes into their own lockbox. The lockbox is accessible through your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Track Financing and Commitments

Manage your work commitment using the money designated to your lockbox by your project contract. Track the amount of work you have done, and what funds you have received, or are eligible to receive.

Maintain Payment Schedules and Reminders

Set up e-mail reminders to let you know that it is time to submit a payment application. Keep up with payment schedules and don’t forget to request the money that you are due.

Process Payment Applications on a Flexible Schedule

Draft and submit a payment application at any time, during any payment period. You can drag and drop any supporting documents into your payment application to substantiate the amount of the work done.

Track Payment Status

Once you have submitted an application, our system will track it so you can see if it has been reviewed and passed to the next higher tier. If your application has not yet been reviewed, you can pull it back to revise it.

Generate Applications and Disbursement Instructions

When you input the pertinent information, we will generate the actual payment application for you. Also, once you have provided complete disbursement instructions, we will transfer all approved payments directly to the bank for you and your subcontractors.

Full Compliance with NRS Chapter 627

Three Lock Box processes disbursements according to the parameters set forth in NRS Chapter 627. We strive to keep up-to-date with changes in the law and update our procedures accordingly.