Frequently Asked Questions

Who can see my project data?
Access to your data is limited to higher tiers and your authorized agent.
Can I grant access to my partners?
Yes, you can grant view only access to any user you choose.
How do I bill?
Submit your bills to Three Lock Box via our online system.
How do I get paid?
When your bill is approved by your higher tiers, payment is made directly to your account via electronic fund transfer.
What about lien releases?
Our system serves pre-lien notices, conditional and unconditional lien releases on your behalf.
What about 1099s?
Three Lock Box serves 1099-MISC reports after Jan 1st per IRS rules.
I already have a project management software...
The Three Lock Box app does not replace your existing workflow. It strictly manages the disbursement process, but you are welcome to use it as an extra safeguard.
My supplier cannot use the system...
We have a special protocol that allows you to submit billings on behalf of your supplier, but we pay your supplier direct.